Are You?
  • Experiencing issues of racism and microaggressions?
  • Struggling to meet family expectations of college, dating, and career choices?
  • Dealing with issues such as communication and emotional expression with your parents?
  • Struggling with the invalidation, lack of compassion, and understanding from your family members?
  • A parent feeling inadequate and helpless because you can’t seem to understand what your children are thinking?

Embrace Life's Changes with Confidence

Adjusting to life changes can be hard. We can help you navigate life transitions and gain more clarity.

Get Culturally Competent Care

In the therapy room, your unique history and experiences that contribute to your belief system and actions will be explored. You will make adaptive changes to your life by learning to build on your strengths and garner resources that are relevant to your environments.

Understanding Your Unique Experience

Being Asian-American involves navigating the intersection of diverse cultural backgrounds, values, and societal and familial expectations. We’ll acknowledge and explore the complexities that come with your unique identity, as well as the impact it can have on your mental health and personal growth. By understanding and embracing your Asian-American experience, we can work together to overcome challenges and promote self-empowerment.

Cultural Identity and Self-Exploration

Together, we’ll explore the rich tapestry of your heritage, values, and beliefs, while also embracing the diverse cultural landscapes that shape your identity. Through this process, you can foster a sense of self-acceptance, resilience, and belonging.

Addressing Family Dynamics and Intergenerational Relationships plays a central role in Asian cultures, often influencing various aspects of your life, including career choices, relationships, and personal aspirations. Understanding and addressing family dynamics is important for personal growth and well-being. Therapy provides a safe and supportive space to navigate intergenerational differences, communication challenges, and expectations, fostering healthy relationships and individual autonomy.

Acculturation and Identity Struggles

The process of acculturation, balancing Asian and American values, can present unique challenges and conflicts. It’s common to experience a sense of “in-betweenness” or identity struggles. In therapy, we recognize and validate these experiences. We help you navigate cultural integration, define your own identity, and find harmony between your cultural roots and the larger society.

Asian American Therapy Support, we will:

  • Address issues of racism and discrimination
  • Explore issues of independence vs interdependence
  • Work through conflicts between the values of autonomy and conformity
  • Recognize unmet needs and learn ways to meet those needs
  • Learn effective ways of communicating with family members
  • Develop strategies to repair estranged relationships

Working with intergenerational issues in Asian immigrant families requires culturally responsive approaches. If you are looking for someone who can understand your unique perspective as an Asian American, we can guide you toward healing. Although there are many shared experiences among the Asian community, Asian-Americans are immensely diverse in many ways and we do not make assumptions about your experiences and adherence to traditional cultural values and practices.

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