At our online counseling practice, we are dedicated to providing compassionate, evidence-based therapy that empowers individuals to overcome challenges, cultivate resilience, and achieve their personal goals.

Our mission is to create a safe and supportive environment where clients feel heard, understood, and valued, and where they can explore their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors with a skilled and empathic therapist. Through collaborative, personalized treatment plans, we strive to help clients develop insight, build coping skills, and improve their overall well-being.

We believe in the power of therapy to transform lives, and we are dedicated to supporting the mental health and wellness of our Asian American community in NY and FL.

Our ultimate goal is to inspire positive change, foster growth, and promote lasting healing for each person who seeks our services.

Asian American therapy

Asian American Therapy: Understanding Your Unique Experiences

Our dedicated therapists are trained to provide culturally sensitive support, understanding the nuances of Asian cultures, values, and traditions. By choosing Asian American Therapy, you embrace a safe space where your identity is recognized and celebrated. We navigate the complexities of multiculturalism, intergenerational dynamics, and acculturation challenges, offering guidance that resonates with your journey. Check out our online Asian American therapy in New York and Florida today. 

The Story of Helix Mental Health Counseling

The name “Helix” was chosen for our mental health counseling practice because the helix shape holds deep symbolism that resonates with our therapeutic approach and the journey of healing and growth we facilitate. 

The helix represents resilience, transformation, and progress. It embodies the idea that individuals have the inherent capacity to heal, adapt, and evolve in the face of life’s challenges.

Embracing the symbolism of the helix shape reminds us that through therapy, we can transform our struggles into opportunities for growth, adapt to life’s ups and downs, and emerge stronger, more resilient individuals. The name Helix reflects our dedication to providing a supportive, empowering, and growth-oriented environment for individuals to embark on their healing journey and achieve holistic well-being.

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Finding The Right Therapist

Choosing the right therapist can be time-consuming. 

Looking through an online directory may produce tons of results! There’re so many options and the process can sometimes feel overwhelming, which is why we created this page to help you quickly determine if our therapists are the right fit for you. 

Every therapist is different, and it’s important for you to feel confident in your decision.


Our Therapists

Hui Ting

I grew up in an international setting and speak several languages fluently, including Mandarin and Cantonese. Having lived in different countries, I’m deeply familiar with the challenges of adaptation and acculturation.

My approach to working with you is strength-based, compassionate and goal-oriented. I have a special interest in working with people who are navigating life transitions and various aspects of their identity. I’m sensitive to cross-cultural transitions, process of acculturation and diversity issues. In addition to providing life transition counseling, I also specialize in treating anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and have extensive experience working with people of diverse cultural backgrounds.

As I view my role as one of supporting you in your self-discovery and development, I tailor my approach to your needs. In the initial phone consultation, I ask a few questions about what kind of support you’re looking for and I will suggest some options for what therapy could look like if we worked together. I value collaboration to ensure we are adjusting our work in such a way that best meets your needs.

I utilize several evidence-based theoretical approaches in therapy. Some of the most common approaches I use include:

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy
Internal Family System (IFS)
Motivational Interviewing (MI)
Mindfulness Interventions





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